ALLOW me to introduce myself

I am an Educational Psychologist working in the field of learning and development, both in private practice and within the school setting.

For just over ten years now I have been involved with children and their families, either as a teacher, remedial therapist, counsellor, or educational psychologist.

Over these past few years, I have realised both the need and value for families to come together to address their difficulties. Either both parents or parents and children.

As a parent of young children, myself, I also recognise the physical, financial, and emotional demands that parenting may have on yourself but also on your relationships.

During the time I have been working with adolescents and their families it made me realise the true value of mediation and in my experience, this approach was more effective and less time-consuming as opposed to other methods available. This motivated me to expand my practice while working with children and their families through the Family and Divorce Mediation process.


I am a true believer that in difficulties lies opportunities for growth and improvement, and in what better setting to pursue this than in the mediation setting.

Aside from Family and Divorce mediation I have a passion for working with children who experience learning difficulties and supporting parents of these learners. I also conduct psycho-educational assessments and school readiness assessments. Within the school setting I also enjoy working with adolescents and providing psychotherapy and whole school interventions.

Please visit the InPsyght therapy centre for more information regarding this part of my practice.

experience and qualifications

2009: Obtained B.Ed. and Psychology III (NWU) degree

  • Qualified as a teacher and started teaching Grade 2, 4, and 5 learners.
  • Teaching both Grade 2 and Life Orientation to Grade 4 and 5 learners
  • Managed the remedial therapy program at the current primary school.
  • Overall, 6 years teaching experience.


2012: Obtained B.Ed. Hons. Psychology (UJ) degree

  • Qualified as a registered counsellor.
  • Worked as a registered counsellor and remedial therapist in private practice and within the school setting doing basic counselling with primary school learners and intensive remedial therapy for learners with serious learning difficulties.
  • Consulting with NPO: Assisted with the development of a reading program for second language learners.


2016: Obtained M.Ed. Psychology (UJ) degree

  • Completed internship at both a Primary and High school in Gauteng.
  • Psychotherapy with young children and adolescents within the school setting and doing parent guidance.
  • Conducting Psycho-Educational Assessments.
  • Whole school intervention and remedial therapy
  • Implementation of Think Math program as part of research study in conjunction with University of Johannesburg and Helsinki (Finland)
  • Developing new implementation system for the SIAS policy at High School
  • Teaching first-year B.Ed. students at the University of Johannesburg in the childhood development faculty in the field of assessment and cognitive development


2017: Qualified as an Educational Psychologist (PS 013 5240)

  • Working in private practice and within the school setting
  • Conducting psycho-educational assessment with learners experiencing serious learning difficulties
  • Parent guidance and support for parents of learners experiencing learning difficulties.
  • Whole School interventions and Psychotherapy with adolescents within the school setting
  • School readiness assessments at various nursery and primary schools in Gauteng


2020: Trained and qualified as a Family and Divorce Mediator through Family Life Centre

divorce mediator Inge Nieuwoudt